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NFL takes a liking to Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft is in its final year of the $400 million deal with the NFL, and it's making sure to have the Surface tablet on display even more than ever.

Microsoft gives yet another reason to get the Surface Pro

Microsoft is giving its Surface Pro yet another makeover that will be thinner, lighter and have a much longer battery life. Plus it will have better viewing angles.

Microsoft to Take on Chromebooks

So far, Microsoft’s hardware offerings have been at the premium market with the Surface Pro, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio. Now it looks like they’re about to take on inexpensive Chromebooks and they could announce it

Microsoft is on a Roll, but for Apple, Heads Could Roll

The roles now seem reversed between Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft is now the company innovating in the hardware landscape while Apple is the one seemingly languishing.

Microsoft throws more shade at Apple

Just when we thought that Microsoft and Apple are about to have a symbiotic relationship, they're at it again. Old habits just die hard. Microsoft just threw more shade in Apple's way and this time, it's about the iPad Pro

Bill Belichick doesn’t hate Microsoft Surface just bad technology

It’s not that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick hates only the Microsoft Surface tablets that the League forced onto NFL sidelines. New England’s head coach hates all forms of technology that suck.

Apple iPad’s Battle for the Enterprise

Apple doesn’t like Microsoft and its allies eating into the tablet market it popularized. But now the consumer tablet market has been saturated by cheaper Android tabs and many iPad owners are holding onto their tablets for as long as possible

Apple or Microsoft, Which one is Deluded?

While promoting the iPad Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook, made several statements that are supposed to promote the oversized tablet for business use but instead comes off as weird.

Things Just Got More Personal for Microsoft

Just a few months after Google split itself into several components under Alphabet holdings, Microsoft did the same. The success of its hardware gamble may have played a large factor in the split or this has been in the works since Satya Nadella took the reins.

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