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Tags Stacey Dash

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Heroes & Zeros: Bette Midler vs Stacey Dash

This week’s hero is a divine woman who stands with those making a statement about diversity, and the zero is a woman who continues the to make us all cringe.

Do we really need Black History Month?

I don’t know about other people of color, but this black woman struggled with the answer to the question, “Do we still need Black History Month?” Stacey Dash may have denounced the tradition on Fox News, but it brought up a particular train of thought

Save Rihanna Campaign Begins & Kylie Jenner’s Tyga Convenience

Rapper Ryan Prophet decided to out Conservative Stacy Dash for having an abortion, Rihanna's fans are concerned about her relationship with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner's relationship with Tyga seems to be what everyone knew it was.

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