Save Rihanna Campaign Begins & Kylie Jenner’s Tyga Convenience

save rihanna from travis scott campaign begins 2015 gossip

It’s the Monday after Christmas. Did everyone survive? It was a beautiful one for me, and I hope for you as well. Rapper Ryan Prophet decided to out Conservative Stacy Dash for having an abortion, Rihannas fans are concerned about her relationship with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner‘s relationship with Tyga seems to be what everyone knew it was.

ryan prophet baby killer label for stacey dash 2015 gossipRapper Ryan Prophet Calls Out Stacey Dash for Having An Abortion

Well isn’t this an interesting turn of events. It has been brought to everyone’s attention by Ryan Prophet of Nappy Roots that Ms. Conservative Stacey Dash had an abortion during their relationship.

For whatever reason, he has deleted the Instagram post, but he didn’t do so quick enough and as what always happens, people screen shot it, copied edit, you name it. According to Love B. Scott, Prophet’s post said,

“It’s no secret seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams… Later in our relationship, she tells me the great news…She’s pregnant… Later she starts to act funny towards me for someone else while pregnant with my baby [and] the new guy she’s with requested for her to get an abortion so she could have his baby.”

Dash is a notorious pro-life supporter, which is fine. And I even understand how people can change their minds about issues, but can she do it with a bit of humility? That’s all I’m saying.

Her judgmental air of superiority has just been popped.

 Save Rihanna Campaign Begins 2015 gossipTravis Scott No Good for Rihanna

When you are as powerful as someone like Rihanna, not many people can tell you how to live your life. In fact, no one can, but does that mean she shouldn’t listen to those around her who may see things that she doesn’t? Well, it all depends on their motive.

If you ask Glass John, her alleged “Anti” songwriter and oft-times collaborator, he will tell you that her current rumored loved interest Travis Scott is holding back her career. He took to Twitter where he called Rihanna his wife, to blame Scott for delaying the release of her album, which is subsequently impeding her career.

“I’m fighting to get ‘Kiss It Better’ to the world…But Travis Scott has been delaying it… I can no longer be on the low w/ my wife… So now I’m letting it be known. I put that on my life and on God.”

John certainly sounds a little jealous and bitter, but he didn’t stop there. He goes on further to accuse Travis Scott of being the reason that Rihanna released “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

“Travis Scott made her put out ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’… Rihanna is high-level design and doesn’t need to be at ghetto, unsafe clubs. I am going to beat your ass if you ever put my wife’s life in danger… I mean ever again… I am going to literally beat your ass.”

Oh okay Glass, really? This sounds like a love triangle gone wrong. How in the world is she with you on the low but with Travis too? Let’s get a grip on reality boo, because it seems that she’s made her decision.

The posts sound pretty delusional and honestly like it is a prank, or he was hacked. But that’s just my two cents.

kylie jenners tyga convenience 2015 gossipIs Kylie Jenner Stuck in a Relationship of Convenience or Fear?

I, like a host of other people, have wondered from the very beginning what Kylie Jenner and Tyga were doing together. And now we may know the answer to that.

According to a source, the youngest Jenner wants to break up with the rapper, but is concerned that he will retaliate by telling her secrets.

According to In Touch Weekly, an insider has told Radar that Kylie’s big fear is that he’ll sell his interviews to the highest bidder and spill all the dirt on her and the entire family. That’s the only reason he’s still around.”

The source goes on to say that Kylie never had him sign a non-disclosure and because of that, he had access to limitless behind the scenes Kardashian happenings.

“Kylie knows he’s got that option because there’s no confidentiality clause and even if there was, Tyga’s so reckless he’d probably go ahead and take her down anyway.”

They say that we do pretty crazy stuff when we are young, but when you are famous and have sisters to tell you how to cover your ass, you have only yourself to blame when things blow up in your face.

kylie jenner tyga ring 2015 gossipThe ring he got her is cute, though.