‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ 808 Messy People, Messy Business

real housewives of atlanta 808 messy people messy business 2015 images

real housewives of atlanta 808 messy people messy business 2015 imagesThis week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, people try new things. Some are hits, some are misses and some, well you be the judge.

Phaedra Parks has a talk with Apollo’s homeboy Bun, who tells her how awful her soon to be ex-husband feels about the decisions that landed him in prison. He relays Apollo’s sentiments to her (since it sounds like she’s not taking his calls) and while she hears him, the situation seems to be water under the bridge for Phaedra as she looks at the situation for the positive that came out of their marriage- her boys.

Her children are growing up so fast, and Phaedra has an emotional time taking Aydan to his first day of kindergarten. They have a sweet mommy and son moment in the car as she drives him. He tells her that he wishes she could be with him. “I want you to go wherever I go.” He is as innocent as children come and Phaedra has a hard time hold back her tears.

Kandi Burrus is back at the music thing shooting a video for Demetria McKinley’s new single “Unnecessary Trouble” on which she is featured. While she is excited to be on set again, it has been a long time since she did a music video and needless to say, it’s harder for her being that she’s pregnant. Nonetheless, she is a good sport about it and plans to have a screening, which of course, the girls are invited to.

Kenya Moore’s storyline this episode revolves around her love life or lack thereof. She and Marlo work out at the gym in an attempt to get their blood pumping and to maybe see some cute guys. One of Kenya’s friend’s Matt, who is a trainer, comes over and speaks to them. They have, in Kenya’s words, had some “flirtatious encounters” but their age difference plus the fact that he doesn’t meet all of her “standards” make her hesitant to go there with him. However, thanks to Marlo edging them on, they set a first date.

And where is that first date you ask? In a gym, playing basketball. Kenya admits that it’s not the first date she is used to, but she gives it a try and ends up having a good time. But it’s not a great time and she doesn’t think that there will be a second date. “Matt is very sweet, but he doesn’t meet all my must haves in a guy.”

Cynthia Bailey and Peter are still on their quest to rekindle and hold on to their marriage. He drives all the way from Charlotte, five hours, to take his wife on a date. He plans a very romantic and intimate picnic lunch in the park. He also has an artist sketch them as they go about their afternoon. Cynthia loves it as it reminds her of the earlier happier times in their relationship.

Porsha Stewart has a Skype date with Oliver. It’s interesting to see them still “talking.” She is of course dressed to impress, and they chat about Miami and so on. She then asks him “Are you ready for a relationship one day” and low and behold their session freezes. How convenient. I know she doesn’t want to admit it, but maybe Porsha should take that as a sign.

Kim Fields is excited about going to Kandi’s video screening, and she goes all out getting ready for it. Polishes her nails, does her eyelashes, I mean you would think she’s never done any of this stuff before. I will confess that her being on the show is refreshing as she doesn’t have all the drama as the others, but they are starting to paint her as a prudish, boring woman who gets excited at small things like putting on lipstick. And what she chooses to wear to the party is so out of character from what we have seen of her before. Kenya is right (I hate to ay) “Kim looks like a confused prostitute at Disneyworld.”

At the video screening, everyone shows their support including Todd, who Kandi tells before the party not to start any mess with Phaedra over the money he says she still owes him. But there is no need for him to say anything to her because after the video premiere, she approaches Todd and asks him to come see her in her office.

Sparks fly at the end when DonJuan, Kandi’s right hand man, overhears Porsha, Shamea and Phaedra talking about the whole Todd wanting money situation. He does not like what he overhears and has no issues letting them know. For the record, they were talking about Todd in a less than favorable way and kudos to DonJuan for having Kandi’s back, but he was pretty messy in his approach. Phaedra doesn’t say much as he accuses them of gossiping but Porsha isn’t having it. The three ladies end up walking away as he and Porsha throw insults at each other.

From the looks of next week, Kandi is not a happy camper after hearing what they had to say. What she tells Porsha may put her and Phaedra right back where they started at the beginning of the season.