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Snapchat goes gaming while 5G kicks off in South Korea, Facebook exposed again

Snapchat joins online gaming world, South Korea kicks of 5G early and Facebook caught again with privacy issues.

Will Mark Zuckerberg’s latest Facebook privacy plan really work?

Mark Zuckerberg is scrambling again to make Facebook users feel he's concerned about their privacy, but is it just more empty promises?

Digital map apps not always dependable

Digital map apps have fallen prey to high tech hacking pranks proving that they might not be as dependable as we assume them to be.

Snapchat and Twitter gives users more of what they want

Twitter extends its 140 character limit to 280 bringing on plenty of praise from users while Snapchat redesigned its disappearing message app.

Facebook, Instagram benefit from Snapchat’s faltering

Remember Vine? It was that once promising app that looked like it would give Facebook and Instagram a run for their money. Then along came Snapchat, but it is looking like history could be repeating itself

How Snapchat outlasted Vine

When Snapchat hit, the odds were against it trying to push it's way into a crowded socia media world, plus it was going up against the once popular, now defunct, Vine.

Taylor Swift stop playing the white privilege card and fess up

People are all up in arms about the Snap Chat video Kim Kardashian-West posted that prove Taylor Swift lied about knowing Kanye was going to say what he said about her in “Famous.

Kendall Jenner Vogues into Snapchat & Henry Cavill responds to Batman vs Superman negative reviews

In the April issue of Vogue, model Kendall Jenner opened up about how she handles all of her different social media platforms. In the interview Kendall revealed that she tries to not “do too many posts”

Mos Def Arrested, DJ Khaled Personal Snapchat Loss & Tichina Arnold Blasts Cheater

Mos Def has been arrested and banned from South Africa, Tichina Arnold blasted her cheating husband, DJ Khaled learned a lesson with SnapChat & Miss America Stormy Keffeler resigned after a DUI charge.

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