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Tags Sexual harassment

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Hollywood sexual harassment didn’t stop with Harvey Weinstein

A recent survey shows that most don't think Hollywood sexual harassment has stopped after Harvey Weinstein's conviction.

James Franco school of sexual exploitation lawsuit

James Franco is under fire as two former students of his Studio 4 acting school have sued the actor for sexual exploitation.

Stan the Man Lee naughty at 95

Marvel comics Stan Lee the latest accused of sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

Why the Aziz Ansari story wasn’t newsworthy

Much has been made with the Aziz Ansari situation, but voicing an opinion either way seems to create a huge social media frenzy. This only shows that we need to start figuring out how to create solutions before a backlash comes up against the #MeToo and Time's Up movement.

How #MeToo changed history for women and put fear into men

2017 saw a shakeup in the political landscape and one of the biggest was the #metoo movement which saw many powerful men brought into the spotlight of sexual harassment and misconduct. Where does the movement go from here?

Giving Donald Trump’s accusers a voice or giving him another pass

Donald Trump continues to defend himself against the growing list of female accusers, but will America let these women have their voices heard or continue allowing the president another pass?

Heroes and Zeros: Meghan Markle vs Angela Lansbury

Meghan Markel is our Hero of the week for fighting for women's rights and Angela Lansbury is our Zero for pushing women's rights back to the 1950's even with additional comment after the Twitter backlash.

Are white women mainly victims of sexual harassment and assault?

As the floodgates have opened for women accusing powerful men in Hollywood and politics of sexual abuse and harassment, women of color have been largely absent from this. Is it they aren't being affected or are the stakes still too high for them?

How one week destroyed Kevin Spacey’s career

It only took one week for Kevin Spacey's past behavior to catch up with him, and many are thanking Anthony Rapp for stepping up.

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