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Tags Rudy Giuliani

Tag: Rudy Giuliani

Instagram clamps down on social media influencers plus Twitter apology

Instagram is clamping down in Britain on social media influencers not playing by the rules and Twitter's Jack Dorsey apologizes about blocking New York Post Biden story.

Donald Trump cabinet positions getting ‘Apprentice’ treatment

Donald Trump may no longer be on NBC's 'The Apprentice,' but many people clamoring for all those open cabinet positions are using some of those tactics to get his attention.

Will Rudy Giuliani’s business ties cost him Donald Trump position?

It's easy to decide who you want to put on your cabinet, but as Donald Trump is quickly learning, once the vetting process starts, it's a whole different ballgame.

Donald Trump reacts to transition team problems

Since President-elect Donald Trump is working hard to keep the press out of his transition loop, leaks are already happening claiming that there's plenty of power play problems going on inside the camp.

Donald Trump nearly has his cabinet full

President-elect Donald Trump has done his share of hiring before, but he's never had to fill so many positions that were the most important to both America and his chances at being re-elected in 2020.

Rudy Giuliani in lead for Donald Trump’s Secretary of State slot

President-elect Donald Trump is working his way down to fill the top slots, and it's looking like Rudy Giuliani may edge out John Bolton for the secretary of state spot.

Heroes and Zeros: Natalie Hawkins vs Rudy Giuliani

This week’s hero is a mother who is tired of the Internet bullying her daughter and the zero is a politician who doesn’t know his history.

Rudy Giuliani not hot on Beyonce’s Black Power & Justin Bieber’s Superballer Hailey Hangtime

While the majority of people are praising and bowing down to Queen Bey, aka Beyonce, for her Super Bowl performance on Sunday. However former New York Mayor is coming forward with a not-so-favorable opinion.

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