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What are the Best Slot Games Based on Movies?

We can always expect huge blockbuster movies to be seen in more things than just the big screen but don't be surprised to see those favorite films on things like pinball machines, clothing, glassware and even casino slot machines. Here are three of the best ones.

‘The Martian’ Movie Review: Great to see in theaters & just as great on Netflix

While he always seems to have something big on the go, A-list actor Matt Damon’s big hit in 2015 was undoubtedly The Martian.

Matt Damon’s THE MARTIAN Latest Trailer Images Land

I was really excited after watching the first trailer and marketing ploys that came out earlier in the summer for "The Martian." After seeing the second trailer for the movie, I will be counting down the days until it hits theaters.

Matt Damon’s THE MARTIAN Latest Trailer Continues Exciting Fans

Book and Matt Damon fans rejoice! Another bestselling book is making its way to the screen, but this time it’s something we all can be proud of (unlike 50 Shades of Grey becoming a massive success).

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