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Tags Rafael dos Anjos

Tag: Rafael dos Anjos

MMA Weekly: Bisping beats Silva & Rafael dos Anjos injury

This bittersweet week in MMA brought some notable disappointment—mainly in the form of Rafael dos Anjos’s injury. Still, between UFN 84 and Bellator 150, there was quite a bit of action for fans to enjoy

Biggest MMA Surprises of 2015

MMA is the most exciting sport around today, and this excitement is largely a byproduct of its generally unpredictable nature. The simple diversity of the game, from the stand-up, clinch, and ground, create an unprecedented number of positions and potential outcomes.

MMA Weekly: Rafael dos Anjos Dominates to Retain Title & More Fights

It’s hard to envision a primetime show that could have went better than this one for the UFC (Nate Diaz’s expletive-ridden rant, despite what many will say, was also good for the promotion).

UFC’s 2015: Making the Best out of a Series of Poor Occurrences

Although the year has been rough, the UFC has still managed to make the most out of a plethora of tumultuous situations.

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