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Disney Plus onslaught begins with $7 increase, Netflix begins heavy advertising campaign

Netflix has been doing more advertising now that Disney has announced it's enormous Disney Plus streaming schedule. We break down everything for you.

Coronavirus keeps ‘Onward’ topping historically low box office

North American theaters felt the coronavirus impact as box office numbers hit a twenty year low with Onward topping charts again.

‘Incredibles 2’ more powerful at box office than expected

Pixar's Incredibles 2 overperformed by 30 percent at the weekend box office besting Ocean's 8 and making up for Disney's first Star Wars flop, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

‘Coco’ is not a ripoff, is it?

Pixar's Coco has been accused more than once of ripping off a similar animated film The Book of Life, and we've decided to put the two side by side and disect.

‘Coco’ takes over for ‘Justice League’ at holiday weekend box office

Pixar scores another big hit with family-friendly 'Coco' while Warner Bros. sees another DC Comics franchise underwhelm at the box office with 'Justice League.'

Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’ teaser trailer promises some gritty action

Pixar Releases Breathtaking and Very Gritty ‘Cars 3’ Teaser Trailer

Meg LeFauve goes from ‘Inside Out’ to ‘Gigantic’

‘Inside Out’ Co-Writer Meg LeFauve to Direct Disney’s ‘Gigantic’. The world of animation has become a much more competitive place over the last few years. While Pixar will probably always reign supreme for many reasons

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