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Tag: Omar Mateen

Amber Rose disses Kim Kardashian again, NeNe Leakes salary and Omar Mateen claims

The week has started with plenty of drama with Amber Rose dissing on Kim Kardashian, NeNe Leakes is now the highest paid Real Housewife in the franchise and Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, spoke of killing people

Omar Mateen: Born to hate or just learned behavior?

There is perhaps no greater modern day travesty than the manifestation of hate. Hate is the thing that continuously debilitates our ability to maintain a peaceful existence by which all people can live and prosper

Worst mass shooting in US history with 50 dead and over 53 injured

Not long after this story broke, Santa Monica police have arrested a man with explosives and guns who was heading to an L.A. gay Pride event.

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