Amber Rose disses Kim Kardashian again, NeNe Leakes salary and Omar Mateen claims

Amber Rose disses Kim Kardashian again, NeNe Leakes salary and Omar Matten claims 2016 gossip

Amber Rose disses Kim Kardashian again, NeNe Leakes salary and Omar Matten claims 2016 gossip

The week has started with plenty of drama with Amber Rose dissing on Kim Kardashian, NeNe Leakes is now the highest paid Real Housewife in the franchise and Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, spoke of killing people at work before his shooting spree.

Amber Rose Disses Kim Kardashian But Says There’s No Beef?

Amber Rose is not afraid to tell it like it is. I mean, she doesn’t hold back and in her most recent round of “controversial” statements, it looks like she and Kim Kardashian West are at odds again. Or rather, that’s what people would like us to believe. She did make some comments, and they were filled with shade but were they all that bad? The statements in question were to the New York Daily News over the weekend.

“Let’s face it. The only reason these girls have a career is because their older sister had a little fun on tape.”

Clearly she was referring to Kylie and Kendall Jenner. In all honesty, she is telling the truth. I mean Kim did catapult her family into mega super duper stardom with her sex tape. Of course, people want to feed into the hype and claim that these two are now beefing again, but Amber set the record straight. She posted a message to the haters on Twitter.

“Wtf?! Y’all really want me and Kim to feud huh? Well, It’s not gonna happen #FakeStory #GirlPower.”

It’s good to know that the two women are still on “good” terms. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, there’s not point in feuding over petty stuff.

nene leakes highest paid real housewife 2016 gossip

NeNe Leakes Officially Highest Paid Real Housewife with New Contract?

I have to hand it to NeNe Leakes. She worked the hell out of her soon-to-be-official new contract with Bravo. Her strategy is genius; leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta to give them a taste of how it feels to miss her, then resign on her terms. Now that’s how you do it.

As it stands right now, according to Radaronline,

“NeNe has a lot of production deals in the works. And that is what she wants to do, more than just be a housewife BUT she knows where her money comes from, and it comes from Bravo… NeNe is not dumb. She does exactly what needs to be done on RHOA.”

The girl is a mastermind. Not only has she had the time to star on Broadway, but she has also embarked on a comedy tour. Yes, she is a comedian now. When it’s all said and done, RHOA is her bread and butter, and I guess she knows it’s time to get back to the easy money.

“She is not afraid to fight with anyone and her take on every story is what the fans want. No one cares about the random ladies on the show. NeNe is the one they tune in to watch.”

Season eight of RHOA wasn’t as “exciting” as past seasons, so it’s NeNe Leakes to the rescue.

Leakes was reportedly earning $2 million per season before, so she’s doing okay plus she just launched her own mobile app. Yes, she’s rich, bitch!

omar matten often spoke about killing people at work 2016 images

Orlando Shooter Regularly Spoke About Killing People At Work?

The horrible tragedy that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando is still shaking this country. Everyone wants answers, and very few are being given. People have delved into the life of the shooter, Omar Mateen, to piece things together. One of the items of information recently revealed is that Mateen spoke about killing people to co-workers, but management ignored complaints.

Daniel Gilroy, a former fellow employee of Mateen at GS4 in Florida, says that he complained to his supervisor about Mateen’s comments to no avail. He told the Los Angeles Times,

“I complained multiple times that he was dangerous, that he didn’t like blacks, women, lesbians and Jews.”

Gilroy goes on to say that Mateen once said in front of him how he wished he could kill all black people.

“You meet bigots. But he was above and beyond. He was always angry, sweating, just angry at the world… I saw this coming.”

He describes the shooter as “unhinged and unstable.” Gilroy quit his job as a security guard at GS4 because Mateen kept harassing him, sending him as many as 20 to 30 texts a day.

It’s sad to think that all of this could have been prevented if those around Mateen had taken action.