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Zayn Malik’s latest fingering adornment and Kanye West setting high standards

It’s not uncommon for parents to think highly of their own offspring. However, according to reality star Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West takes it to a whole new level

Is Kanye West’s spiraling behavior because of North West?

Well people, it looks like we may know the reason for Kanye West’s series of social media tirades and just all around erratic behavior - North West isn’t his child.

Kim Kardashian’s North West Already In Therapy & Antonio Cromartie’s Super Sperm

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" Sheree Whitfield just can't get Chateau Sheree finished while NFL Antonio Cromartie's keeps finishing the job too well. Kim Kardashian has already got North West seeing a therapist too.

Heroes & Zeros: Change Org & BillBoard North West

This week in Heroes and Zeros, there is a petition to put the Raven Symoné mess to rest and an attention whoring magazine with inappropriate tweets for North West.

Billboard Feels Blowback From North West Meme & Boy George Karmaes With Prince?

Billboard feels the wrath of Black Twitter over it's North West meme, Boy George claims he got showered with Prince's 'Purple Rain', Raven Symoné is learning just how many people don't like her and Ice Cube gets a defamation lawsuit with Dr. Dre over "Straigh Outta Compton" movie.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: North West Temper, Nicki Gets Meek & Tame Fifty Shades Of Grey

This weeks, it’s all about crying babies, happy ladies and steamless sex; mixed in with some really good gossip of course.

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