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Will El Paso, Dayton mass shootings add to impeachment town halls?

As 2 mass shootings occur in 24 hours, will Democrats town halls ramp up Donald Trump impeachment talk?

What comes now that Robert Mueller has testified

Now that Robert Mueller testified before Congress on Wednesday, many are wondering what the Democrats will do now. Here is what you can expect.

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump Round 1 plus Nancy Pelosi no impeachment talk

Joe Biden and Donald Trump took on each other separately in Iowa while Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is still far off.

Impeachment pressure pushing Nancy Pelosi to act

The pressure continues building for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump.

China raises stakes in US trade war dangling Beijing plus Nancy Pelosi hits Facebook

China is upping the ante in their trade was with Donald Trump using Beiging's exotic minerals plus Nancy Pelosi hits back at Facebook keeping slur video.

Nancy Pelosi: The one woman Donald Trump can’t control

Nancy Pelosi is one woman who can drive Donald Trump crazy with just a simple sentence. How the two will have to work to get through 2020.

William Barr has become Donald Trump’s ideal American patriot

William Barr is proving to be the ideal person that Donald Trump wants in his life. He's dedicated, loyal and willing to cross any line to get results.

LGBT bill passes house expanding rights, but Senate ready to kill it

Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats in the House to pass a LGBT rights expansion bill overcoming Republican opposition. Senate members are ready to kill it.

Fake News: Nancy Pelosi bills, Muslims demand Sharia Rights, ‘Boo’

Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters came under fake news attacks this week for not getting enough bills passed. A fake Facebook video showing Muslims rallying for Sharia rights trended also.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

Democrats revive ‘net neutrality’ battle while electric cars go mainstream again

Democrats bring back the net neutrality battle with Republicans, battery operated cars making a comeback and AT&T focuses on streaming with Time Warner merger.

Donald Trump’s Crisis Talk Fact Check

Donald Trump's Oval Office speech certainly was able to get the media distracted from Bob Mueller's Russia investigation, but the facts didn't match up with the president's statements. Here's what's real.

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