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Atlanta Falcons Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

The Atlanta Falcons 2014 NFL season did not go much better than their 2013 season. In 2013, the Falcons came into the season as possible Super Bowl contenders after finishing 13-3 the year before.

Right Time To Fire An NFL Coach: A Look Back At Mike Smith & Arthur Blanks

It is a difficult thing to know the exact right moment that an NFL coach must go. Firing a guy that was picked to run an NFL team is not an easy decision for a team owner.

NFL Coach Search Not Going So Well For 2015

There are a couple teams that don’t seem to mind shedding a coach every 2.5 years. The Raiders are one such team and it is not hard to see how terrible that approach has worked out for them.

Atlanta Falcons Coach Mike Smith Failure With Antone Smith

I have no idea why Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith cannot figure out how to get Antone Smith more touches.

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