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Most Americans don’t believe Donald Trump’s Coronavirus claims

While Donald Trump keeps stating that Covid 19 is going away, most Americans don't believe him any more.

Charlottesville, Virginia: Two words that pushed Joe Biden into 2020 Election

Joe Biden strugged with not running in the 2016 presidential election, but two words compelled him to take on Donald Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump’s border wall fiction plus Michael Cohen’s 3 years in prison

At this point, most Americans realize that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the border wall; he just needs a fighting point to keep his base happy while former layer Michael Cohen receives a 3-year prison sentence.

Donald Trump’s Facts: Pipebombs, tax cuts and that caravan

Fact checking Donald Trump's claims on a pipebomb liberal conspiracy, those tax cuts, pre-existing conditions and his scary caravan.

Donald Trump’s tariff benefits plus hurricane death claims

Donald Trump is boasting about his tariffs working for Americans but he's got some of his 'facts' wrong along with his new claims about death estimates for Hurricane Florence. Here's the real deal on his claims.

Mike Pence leading bookie odds as New York Times Op-Ed author

Gambling sites are jumping into the who authored that New York Times anonymous op-ed piece that has driven Donald Trump to new heights of anger and Mike Pence is way in the lead.

Mike Pence protesting NFL protests costing taxpayers plenty

NFL Owners Start Cracking Down on National Anthem Protests as VP Mike Pence Leaves Colts Game in high cost PR stunt for Donald Trump.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s latest tweet fest

Donald Trump is creating a cottage industry in Washington DC for lawyers having to represent his entire Administration, including Vice President Mike Pence.

Russia defends Michael Flynn while White House evaluates

It seems that Russia is turning out to be more loyal to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn than President Donald Trump's White House.

Donald Trump impeachment petition nearing one million signatures

As Donald Trump is coming up on his first month of being president, a petition that quickly went up calling for his impeachment has garnered well over 800,000 signatures.

America’s health care showdown battle begins: Obamacare vs TrumpCares?

The day began with Mike Pence with the Republican party and Barack Obama with the Democratic party ready for a huge battle. What will become of America's health care system?

Donald Trump letting media mull on Mitt Romney

Last week Donald Trump sent out plenty of test balloons seeing how both the media and public reacted to some of his possible candidates. He's done the same over the weekend with a multitude of people, including Mitt Romeny, who was a bit of a surprise to some.

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