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Marlon Brando was ‘The Godfather’ of Academy Award political speeches

While we've become accustomed to those political Academy Award speeches, but most have forgotten that they began with actor Marlon Brando back in 1973 when he refused his Oscar for The Godfather.

Michael Moore wants to “discombobulate” Donald Trump

It sounds like a scene that's right out of a horror movie: Michael Moore wants to "discombobulate" Donald Trump. With that phrase I was thinking of a scene like the end of 1995's "Braveheart" movie

WHERE TO INVADE NEXT Brings Michael Moore Back

Academy-award winning director Michael Moore is back. This time he is bringing audiences a more light-hearted film called Where to Invade Next. The film’s basic premise is that Michael is “invading” other nations to see what America can learn from them and therefore, better itself.

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