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James Franco school of sexual exploitation lawsuit

James Franco is under fire as two former students of his Studio 4 acting school have sued the actor for sexual exploitation.

72nd Cannes Film Festival: Familiar faces return as tradition holds on

Plenty of familiar faces will be on the 72nd Cannes Film Festival red carpet, but Netflix will be noticeably absent.

Will Brett Kavanugh confirmation affect #MeToo movement?

Now that Brett Kavanugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court can #MeToo go beyond a hashtag?

Mo’Nique please keep #MeToo, #TimesUp out of your Netflix grab

When celebrities use #MeToo and #TimesUp like Mo'Nique only to shame Netflix for a bigger paycheck, it's only a matter of time before these movements implode.

How #MeToo changed history for women and put fear into men

2017 saw a shakeup in the political landscape and one of the biggest was the #metoo movement which saw many powerful men brought into the spotlight of sexual harassment and misconduct. Where does the movement go from here?

Warren Sapp claims not sexual harassment if it’s ‘cute’

Warren Sapp Denies Harassment Allegations: ‘Where’s the Sexual Harassment?’

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