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The Era of Thin May be Over: Technological Anorexia Part 2

Many critics say that Apple’s latest Macbook Pro lost some substance in its courageous journey to lose weight like some unhealthy-looking winners of The Biggest Loser. But we won’t be discussing that any further as Apple’s move

2016 A Bad Year for Apple

2016 has not been a good year for Apple. They’re doing quite well on the financial side of things, but not with the media. All eyes are on companies like Apple and those eyes are all praises for every good thing no matter how little

Tim Cook says he’s cooking new Apple Macs

Is morale so bad now at the Mac division that Tim Cook had to reassure them that things are being done about their supposed Mac funk? It’s strange for a company like Apple to have to do so after telling consumers

Microsoft is on a Roll, but for Apple, Heads Could Roll

The roles now seem reversed between Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft is now the company innovating in the hardware landscape while Apple is the one seemingly languishing.

New Macbook Pro is Way Ahead of Its Time review

USB Type C is the connector of the future. It’s fast and we won’t have to worry about orientation. It’s just taking a bit longer to adopt. We’ll all eventually get there but not everyone is in such a hurry as Apple.

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