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The Power of Fandom – Catching Up with Legion M

Lynn Zubernis got a chance to interview Legion M co-founders Paul Scanlan and Jeff Aniston to talk about the power of fandom and their upcoming projects.

Stan Lee: the sad confused story continues

Stan Lee's rich Marvel history is getting lost in elder abuse claims, Keya Morgan and people attempting to wrest control of his estate. Kevin Smith has offered to help but who knows what is really needed. @MariusDeVirus breaks it down.

Adam West gets honored at Comic Con 2017

Adam West may have passed away earlier this year, but his memory lives on at 2017 Comic-Con as filmmaker Kevin Smith, producer James Tucker, actors Ralph Garman and Lee Meriwether and about a thousand fans paid tribute to the actor

BIG BANG THEORY Recap 820: Sheldon’s Fortification Implementation For Amy

On this week’s episode of Big Bang Theory Raj and Howard are arguing how to pronounce the word “gif” referring to animated pictures. They asked Leonard what the correct pronunciation was and he said Howard’s way of pronouncing it with a hard G as opposed to a J.

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