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BIG BANG THEORY Recap 820: Sheldon’s Fortification Implementation For Amy


On this week’s episode of Big Bang Theory Raj and Howard are arguing how to pronounce the word “gif” referring to animated pictures. They asked Leonard what the correct pronunciation was and he said Howard’s way of pronouncing it with a hard G as opposed to a J. Sheldon then said he was upset because  there was an upcoming weekend symposium being held for scientists and he wasn’t invited to it.

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Raj went to Howard and Bernadette’s to give Bernadette some Girl Scout cookies he had. They then talked about the fact that Howard’s father had legally signed his mother’s house over to him and that Howard didn’t have to speak to his father to make it happen. He also said he didn’t even know where his father was.

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Meanwhile, Penny agreed to be a guest on “Evil” Will Wheaton’s podcast to talk about the B movie she had a role in, Serial Rapist 2. Penny was shocked to learn a few thousand people listened to “Evil” Will Wheaton talk about “nerd stuff.”

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Over a candlelight dinner Sheldon told Amy that he was disappointed that he was missing the weekend symposium. Amy told Sheldon that the relationship agreement he put into place meant that he couldn’t pout about anything while the couple was having a date night. Sheldon tried to argue that the rule only applied to Amy, but she wouldn’t let him get away with that. He then said that he had a way to work around his own rule and pulled out a large picture of him with a big smile on his face. He held it in front of his actual face so it would seem like he was smiling even though he wasn’t.

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Raj talked to Bernadette about how she and Howard were going to redecorate his mother’s house now that they are living in it. Howard then got a visit from his long lost half- brother.

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Back at Penny’s apartment she talked about the bad script behind Serial Rapist 2. During the live podcast Leonard passed Will Wheaton a note asking him if he wanted a drink. A fan then called in to say she was a big fan of Serial Rapist 2. Will Wheaton told Penny the movie had a cult following and he had seen someone dressed like Penny’s character at a science fiction convention. Kevin Smith then called into the podcast and praised Serial Rapist 2. He then said he would cast Penny in one of his movies and that she should come read for a part in “Clerks 3.”

Sheldon and Amy talked about evolution and Sheldon said he thought it was dumb, even though in the past he had liked it. Amy then told Sheldon that when she was in school there was a breakout of lice, but she never got it so she sprinkled sugar in her hair so her classmates would think she had it too. Amy then suggested building a fort to cheer Sheldon up.

Raj, Howard and Bernadette talked to Howard’s half-brother and Raj asked him if he came by looking for money.

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In the kitchen Raj and Howard talked about how Howard never knew he had a brother and it was too much to deal with. His brother then asked Howard about being an astronaut.

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On Will Wheaton’s podcast Penny and Leonard argued about Penny auditioning for Kevin Smith’s movie. Will Wheaton accused Leonard of not believing women should have dreams. Leonard said he didn’t want Penny to get heartbroken trying out for a role she might not get. Then Penny asked him to be excited that something good was happening for her and he said he was always excited for her. The argument led to the revelation that Penny earns twice the income Leonard does.

Amy and Sheldon built their fort from blankets and Sheldon hung a light in it. He built the fort around the living room couch and easy chair.

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Back at Howard’s house his half -brother said that he had to leave and Howard said he hoped to see him again.

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Continuing their argument Leonard asked Penny where all her money was and she said she put it in portfolios, stocks and bonds. Will Wheaton then said Penny reversed the argument and made Leonard see why getting back into acting would be good for her.

Sheldon and Amy then discussed the best forts that were ever built. They ranked the top four in existence. At 10pm Amy announced date night was over so it was time to take the fort down. Sheldon then suggested suspending the date night parameters and having Amy stay later. Amy then suggested the couple have their first sleepover and Sheldon agreed to a “family friendly G-rated” sleepover.

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Leonard then came home and saw the fort Sheldon and Amy built. He told them to have fun and that he was going to sleep but Sheldon begged Leonard to come into the fort. When he did he was still not allowed to sit in Sheldon’s spot on the couch.

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