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Kevin Garnett blames AAU for killing NBA

Kevin Garnett Latest to Criticize AAU, Says Organization has ‘Killed Our League’

Timberwolves may lose Kevin Garnett to retirement

Kevin Garnett Considering Retirement Due to Knee Issues on Brink of 22nd Season in NBA

Karl-Anthony Towns & Andrew Wiggins Make Timberwolves Relevant Again

The year was 2004. The Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games in the Western Conference Finals. Kevin Garnett, the 2003-2004 NBA MVP, was in the prime of his Hall of Fame career.

Best of 2015 NBA Trade Deadline Activity

The NBA trade deadline brought on an onslaught of last minute trades in the NBA. Everything seemed to happen in a matter of minutes, one deal after another. Here are some of the highlights from the big day:

Paul Pierce’s Impact On NBA Washington Wizards

After 15 seasons and one NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce shocked the NBA when he was traded along with Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets.

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