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Panthers impressed with Kelvin Benjamin’s preseason dominance

Panthers No. 1 Receiver Kelvin Benjamin Looking More Dominant Than Ever in Preseason

Early Picks from NFL Rookie Class of 2015 Yet to Make a Real Impact

Maybe we expected a little too much from them. Odell Beckham Jr, Kelvin Benjamin, Jarvis Landry, Aaron Donald, Mike Evans, and Khalil Mack were just some of the stars from the 2014 NFL Draft

Kelvin Benjamin Injury Dashes Panther’s Hopes & Dreams

I hope your fantasy league hasn’t drafted yet…if you did, someone just lost one of their top picks. Carolina Panthers wide receiver was carted off the field during a scrimmage with the Miami Dolphins Wednesday.

2015 NFL Divisionals Recap: Ravens Blow Leads And Hawks Hammer Cam

These two teams really don't like each other. To be fair, they seem to hate each other on a team wide and individual basis. Terrell Suggs refuses to utter Tom Brady's name and the Pats QB

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Best Matchups: DeMarco Murray vs Ndamukong Suh

It’s the NFL playoffs, so if you’re a hardcore football fan there’s no excuse for not watching every single game. Here are the four matchups (one from each game) that you should keep an eye on

NFL Preseason Week 3 Roundup 2014

For all intents and purposes the NFL preseason is over. There is one more game for teams to play, but the starters are basically done. Roster cuts and personnel decisions are being made right now like a corporate firing wave.

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