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Kylie Jenner Sorries Jessica Alba & Nicole Arbour’s Nurses

Earlier this week actress Jessica Alba, 34, appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, where she explained how she got body-checked by Kylie Jenner’s security team.

Kris Jenner Holding Out For Scott Disick

While most sources are reporting that there is no chance for a Kourtney Kardashian-Scott Disick reunion after their break up a few months ago, it seems that mom Kris Jenner still has some faith.

TI Backtracks On Iggy Azalea & THE VIEW’s Joyless Sponsor

T.I. backtracks quickly on Iggy Azalea, Miss America shade is thrown and Joy Behar knocks off a sponsor for "The View."

Joy Behar’s Back With Her VIEW & A Lucrative Retirement Plan

Once again, ABC's problem child "The View" is doing a major shake-up which we've been following since January. Rather than trying to jam that table with new faces to see which ones resonate with the audience, the producers wised up and are bringing back cantankerous Joy Behar.

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