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‘Absolutely Fabulous’ movie a must for all fans

Absolutely Fabulous, also known as AbFab, is a story that has taken on many forms. Originally airing on BBC from 1992 to 1995, its success and popularity amongst viewers later lead to its revival in both 2001 and 2011 (for its 20th anniversary).

‘The Walking Dead’ 616 Enter Negan exit Glenn’s Last Day On Earth

Daryl Dixon’s got to be dead right? Or maybe Eugene who was sent in as a sacrificial lamb to the Saviors? Could it be Glenn who experienced his last day on Earth? Well, we have heard from so many sources now that it's Glenn who meets his maker at the end of Negan's bat.

Sam Smith Feeling Very James Bond Spectre & John Hamm Now Single

Rumors have started circulating that singer Sam Smith will be the new singer featured on the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre, starring Daniel Craig.

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