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Rockets Patrick Beverley wants more NBA control over fans

Patrick Beverley Says the NBA Needs to Control Fans but even ones like J.J. Watt can't help wanting to get more involved on the court.

T.J. Watt ready to join brothers J.J. and Derek Watt in NFL

T.J. Watt Can’t Wait Any Longer to Join Brothers Derek & J.J. Watt in NFL

Jadeveon Clowney making up for J.J. Watt absence

Jadeveon Clowney Proving Himself a Dominant Force in Absence of J.J. Watt

Tyga giving up his Lam and J.J. Watt trying out Kate Hudson

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip week recap, former Roseanne and Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke is having her second child with husband Jamie. The baby is due in late spring and will join a big brother named Charlie.

J.J. Watt & Josh Norman Leading Tight NFL Defensive Player of the Year Race

I think it’s fair to say that the race for 2015 NFL Defensive Player of the Year is the tightest we’ve seen in a while. With defenses playing the prominent role for the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and Arizona Cardinals while the New England Patriots also maintain one of the best in the NFL

NFL Week 14 Indepth Review

Cincinnati hated to lose a game to bitter rival Pittsburgh, no doubt. Losing Andy Dalton for what looks to be an extended period with a broken thumb was even worse.

New Orleans Saints Keep Imploding Without Rob Ryan

Now it’s the Offense: New Orleans Saints continue to implode even without Rob Ryan.

NFL Week 4 Winners & Losers

Week four saw winners rise up in the last few seconds of several games in the NFL. For those exciting victories to happen there had to be some losers as well of course.

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