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Louis Tomlinson can’t censor Harry Styles love and Nick Gordon disappears

From the very beginning of One Direction, fans have speculated that there’s something more than friendship between Louis and his band mate Harry Styles.

MTV VMAs renamed Beyonce Music Awards for 2016

Beyonce once again showed that she's the queen at the 2016 MTV Vido Music Awards aka MTV VMA's. This year it could have easily been called the Beyonce Music Awards as she easily stole the show

Khloe Kardashian Leaves Lamar Odom for Party & Danger Prone Jimmy Fallon Does It Again

Due to Lamar Odom’s scary situation, Kim Kardashian cancelled her baby shower that was scheduled for last weekend. However, in the end the party ended up not being cancelled but rather moved to a later date

Donald Trump Signs Over His Future To Republicans & Justin Bieber Goes Deep

Justin Bieber made his big comeback on stage at the 2015 MTV VMAs last Sunday. However, it wasn’t his singing or dancing that got people talking. The Biebs broke down on stage after his performance

Shia Labeouf Gets Head & Kim Kardashian Can’t Get Enough Selfies: Celebrity Gossip

This week's celebrity gossip starts with the unfortunate incident that sent Jimmy Fallon to the hospital. He was at home when he cut his hand so badly he needed to have emergency surgery.

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