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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos takes on Donald Trump again

Jeff Bezos is taking on Donald Trump in the court as he's able to use the president's attacks on Amazon to make his point.

Will Amazon’s diss affect New York City’s tech future?

After facing some intense political opposition, Jeff Bezos used Valentine's Day to break up with New York City, but how will this affect the city's future in tech?

About those Amazon delivery drones Jeff Bezos promised

Amazon customers got excited five years ago when Jeff Bezos promised Amazon delivery drones, but that dream may have to wait some time to come true, if ever.

Amazon’s new New York City, Washington headquarters will create talent fight

Business in New York City and Washington DC are not just worried about losing business to Amazon's new headquarters but losing valuable employees to the retail giant. Here's how they are preparing.

iPhone X low sales hit Apple while Amazon plan affecting health care companies

Apple feeling the effects of releasing iPhone X so close to iPhone 8 as stocks slide 1 percent, Amazon's Jeff Bezos joins forces with JP Morgan and Warren Buffet which has hurt health care companies shares and a new wireless government 5G system idea not so hot. DOJ and SEC also investigating Apple's slowing older iPhones.

No alcohol for Tiger Woods and Kris Humphries remembered

Tiger Woods blames the drugs for DUI, the Hulk battles Flash Gordon and Kim Kardashian gives remembrance to Kris Humphries while Jeff Bezos gets cancelled.

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