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Jennifer Lawrence on gun control, Ryan Seacrest sounds off and Stacy Dash runs

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on Donald Trump gun control and Harvey Weinstein, Ryan Seacrest speaks out on his sexual misconduct accuser, Ivanka Trump walks a fine line with her father and women plus Stacy Dash runs for Congress.

Ivanka Trump officially now working in White House

Donald Trump seems to be turning the White House into the House of Romanov as he continues giving more Administrative power to both his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Ivanka Trump gets a night out with Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump certainly got a wonderful treat as being the special guest for Canadien Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to "Come From Away," a new musical that celebrates Canadian compassion

Ivanka Trump’s Washington policy planning begins

Ivanka Trump could easily surpass her father in politics longevity as she's hit the Washington political world running full force.

Donald Trump takes out his anger on the press in meeting

For decades, Donald Trump wooed the press, even pretending to be someone else when pitching stories about himself, but now that's he's becoming the next President, his list of enemies is growing and he's letting them know it.

Donald Trump’s children keeping line blurry between White House and company

One thing about President-elect Donald Trump; he truly values his children's input with his Trump business. One thing with his children, they love keeping that thin line very blurry

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