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Apple unveils iPhone XS, XS Max, XR: Which one’s for you?

Apple revealed it's latest line of iPhones on Wednesday with the XS, XS Max and XR, but which one is right for you? We break down the pro and cons of each one as we say goodbye to the iPhone X and headphone jacks.

How Lenovo defeated the Notch

Lenovo takes front and center with the bezel less screen war on their IdeaCentre AIO 520 finding a way to not replicate Apple's iPhone X 'notch'

Apple iPhone X did it so why notch?

While other companies and people made fun of Apple's iPhone X notch on the front of smart phone, it didn't take long for everyone to steal the idea with many doing it badly.

Best Mobile Gaming Apps for Apple’s iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X may not be selling like hotcakes but it is the best smartphone out there on the market now and these gaming apps will show you just how powerful it is.

iPhone X low sales hit Apple while Amazon plan affecting health care companies

Apple feeling the effects of releasing iPhone X so close to iPhone 8 as stocks slide 1 percent, Amazon's Jeff Bezos joins forces with JP Morgan and Warren Buffet which has hurt health care companies shares and a new wireless government 5G system idea not so hot. DOJ and SEC also investigating Apple's slowing older iPhones.

Can Apple live up to it’s iPhone X hype?

Apple is putting plenty of hype behind the iPhone X, but can it possibly live up to it and expect long-time users to adapt to some major changes?

Apple’s facial recognition: What you need to know about face id

Apple is taking on the rise of hackers with a new facial recognition system to debut with the iPhone X, but what exactly does it do, and will it keep your safer on your devices?

Will Tim Cook’s iPhone X vs iPhone 8 gamble pay off?

Will Tim Cook's biggest gamble yet with Apple's iPhone X vs iPhone 8 campaign pay off? Most insiders think it will kill the iPhone 8 as sales haven't been so great, but long-term results could change their minds.

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