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Google ICE free zone demand, Virgin Galactic reveal plus Amazon Rekognition problem

Google employees want ICE out of their business, Virgin Galactic reveals interiors and Amazon facial Rekognition reveals flaws for ACLU.

Understanding those secret Facebook groups

After the U.S. Border Patrol was called our for having a secret Facebook group, people are now discovering this new part of Mark Zuckerbergs social media giant.

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un North Korea fact check

While in North Korea, Donald Trump said some inaccurate things on North Korea, Kim Jung On, Barack Obama and the economy. Here are the real facts behind his.

Census and redistricting Supreme Court’s next big decisions

The Supreme Court will soon be deciding on two big issues that could help or hurt Donald Trump: census and redistricting.

Donald Trump vs Barack Obama fact check

Donald Trump has been passing much blame along to Barack Obama nearly three years later. Here are the facts behind Trumps facts.

Donald Trump appointed judge sides with him on border wall

Donald Trump got a break in the courts as a judge appointed by the president sided with him on the border wall funding.

Donald Trump serious about Mexico immigration tariffs plus Pentagon slaps back

Donald Trump swears he's deadly serious about the Mexico tariffs to stamp out immigration plus the Pentagon slaps back at the president for the John McCain warship mess.

Donald Trump’s ‘treason’ talk fact check

Donald Trump has been throwing the treason word around when it comes to the Russia investigation. Here's a look at the facts behind that claim.

Donald Trump’s immigration ‘merit’ while Senate confirms anti-choice LA judge

Donald Trump's presents doomed immigration merit system as the Senate confirms anti-abortion judge Wendy Vitter for Louisiana.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with immigration fictions

Donald Trump spent his weekend at rallies spreading a lot of fiction about immigration, healthcare, Russia and Robert Mueller. Here's the real facts.

Donald Trump’s Russian, health care, Great Lakes, immigration facts still wrong

Donald Trump has been telling everyone he's exonerated from Bob Mueller, but his facts are off on that along with health care and immigration.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

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