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American League Week 16 Recap: Yanks, Royals, Angels & Astros Fight For Top Spot

The Major League Baseball action continues to heat up around the American League as four teams continue to battle it out for the best record. These teams include the New York Yankees, the Kansas City Royals, the Los Angeles Angels and the Houston Astros.

Astros & Twins Top Week 8 American League MLB

The work week has officially kicked off for most as the second month of the Major League Baseball season has come to a close. As June opens up today, we have a chance to take a look at not only who has played well around the American League

2015 National League MLB Week 6: Astros Hot Streak Continues

The 2015 Major League Baseball season continues to move along as the American League action starts to heat up. It seems like Déjà vu as the Houston Astros continue to be the hottest team in the division despite failing to have any prime time players.

Yankees Royals & Astros Three way Tie: American League Week 5

The baseball action continues to get hot in the American League as three different teams have 20 wins to start the season. Those three teams include the New York Yankees in the East, the Kansas City Royals in the Central and the Houston Astros in the West.

Most Underrated American League Baseball Teams 2015

The 2015 Major League Season is just around the corner leaving me to wonder which teams in the American League are the most underrated teams. Every year we see a ball club get looked past and sometimes not even talked about.

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