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‘Shazam!’ tops box office again while ‘Hellboy’ fizzles without del Toro

DC Films continues winning as Shazam! holds the box office top spot followed by Little and a Hellboy bomb.

Meet Don Saladino, the man behind David Harbour’s ‘Hellboy’ new body

David Harbour didn't get into that amazing "Hellboy" shape alone, he had fitness trainer to the stars Don Saladino putting him through his paces. The trailer talks about how he got Chief Jim Hopper off those donuts and into such great shape.

David Harbour talks ‘Stranger Things’ and becoming a fan favorite

"Stranger Things" David Harbour talks about Chief Jim Hopper and his evolution in Season 2 along with being the cool uncle to the younger cast members.

Heroes and Zeros: Ed Skrein vs CNN’s Rosa Flores

Actor Ed Skrein makes our hero of the week to help stop Hollywood's whitewashing in movies and CNN's Rosa Flores Zeros out by showing the heartless side of reporters during Hurricane Harvey.

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