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Tags Harvey Weinstein

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‘The War with Grandpa’ takes box office top spot as Disney bets on streaming

Shelved since 2018 The War with Grandpa beat out Tenet for the box office top spot as Disney bets big on streaming.

Hollywood sexual harassment didn’t stop with Harvey Weinstein

A recent survey shows that most don't think Hollywood sexual harassment has stopped after Harvey Weinstein's conviction.

Cannes 2019: Film festival talks women’s issues

As issues on gender equality have boiled over, the Cannes Film Festival is dealing with them head on as it opens.

Legal junkies rejoice as Court TV is back

Court TV has been on hiatus for over a decade, and as crime stories rise on television, the timing couldn't be better for a comeback.

Are fans ready for ‘Project Runway’ Season 17 Bravo Return?

Project Runway went stale for some longtime fans so will a return to Bravo for Season 17 and new faces (Christian Siriano, Karlie Kloss) bring them back?

Jennifer Lawrence on gun control, Ryan Seacrest sounds off and Stacy Dash runs

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on Donald Trump gun control and Harvey Weinstein, Ryan Seacrest speaks out on his sexual misconduct accuser, Ivanka Trump walks a fine line with her father and women plus Stacy Dash runs for Congress.

What’s next for Time’s Up and #MeToo movements

With the #MeToo and Time's Up movement ringing loudly in Hollywood's ears, what exactly does the future have in store for them?

How #MeToo changed history for women and put fear into men

2017 saw a shakeup in the political landscape and one of the biggest was the #metoo movement which saw many powerful men brought into the spotlight of sexual harassment and misconduct. Where does the movement go from here?

Who will actually step up to deal with rape culture?

Now that so many famous men have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct, who is going to begin setting standards to stop rape culture?

Are white women mainly victims of sexual harassment and assault?

As the floodgates have opened for women accusing powerful men in Hollywood and politics of sexual abuse and harassment, women of color have been largely absent from this. Is it they aren't being affected or are the stakes still too high for them?

Too much Hollywood power can unleash the worst

As Hollywood continues feeling the controversy of sexual misconduct, some of them like Louis C.K. seemed to be telling us their truth in their onscreen work.

Whatever happened to the women accusing Donald Trump of groping them?

With all the women coming forward after Harvey Weinstein, I was left wondering whatever happened to all those women that came forward about Donald Trump's groping them? The fight isn't over for some of them.

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