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Ryan Lochte officially banned through 2017 with major money loss

As we reported Thursday, Ryan Lochte felt his punishment come down from the US Olympic Committee. The swimmer will forfeit $100,000 and a chance to swim at next year's world championships as part of the penalty

Ryan Lochte Suspended ten months for Rio Olympics story

It took a few weeks, but it looks like the US Olympic Committee has agreed upon a punichsment for the mess created by Ryan Lochte at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

After Matt Lauer interview Speedo dumps Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte had his most emotional moment with Matt Lauer when the interviewer asked him about losing sponsors because of the mess he created in Rio. You could see that this seemed to be the only thing that actually affected him

Ryan Lochte Matt Lauer interview proves silence better than defiance

Ryan Lochte proved that he's content being the 'Ugly American' when he sat down with Matt Lauer as part of his 'No Apologies' tour, which aired Saturday night.

Ryan Lochte can’t get anyone to support his robbery story

Ryan Lochte has learned the hard way that the only way for a lie to survive is to have the cooperation of many people. That's what makes lies so hard to get away with as there's so much work involved.

Will ‘White Male Privilege’ fail Ryan Lochte this time?

Privilege. It is something that I speak on a lot because I am ever amazed by a) how powerful it is and b) how many people deny that it exists. Of course, the main opponents are those who benefit from it the most.

Lessons Learned from Ryan Lochte Mess by everyone except him

What’s the number one lesson we’ve learned from the U.S. Swim Team Ryan Lochte debacle? Don’t break stuff. Follow that one rule and all you athletes, amateur and pro, can pretty much do what you want.

Ryan Lochte finally apologizes but doesn’t admit to lying

Ryan Lochte is already taking his crisis management person's advice at trying to get ahead of the international mess he's created by doing a public apology on his Instagram account.

Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz head home but Lochte scandal just beginning

You can bet Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz are regretting their early Sunday morning outing with Ryan Lochte after they were pulled from their plane twenty-four hours ago by Brazilian authorities.

Two of Ryan Lochte’s U.S. swimmers testifying about robbery

Ryan Lochte broke history at the 2016 Rio Olympics along with winning medals, but right now, all anyone is talking about is his strange robbery story that's causing both him, the IOC and the Olympic Committee

Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz testifying about Ryan Lochte robbery

The Rio Olympics are ending on an international issue note as the robbery incident that Ryan Lochte first denied (along with the IOC and Olympic Committee) then admitted to is coming under intense scrutiny by officials in Brazil.

Ryan Lochte’s ‘robbery’ U.S. Olympic swimmers taken by authorities

Ryan Lochte may have gotten back to the United States before the Brazilian authorities could get him, but his U.S. Olympic swimming teammates, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz weren't so fortunate.

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