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Tags Galaxy S8

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Windows 10 on ARM: Is it good enough computing?

Microsoft has put Windows 10 on ARM but will good enough computing be good enough for gamers and casual users?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why you’re going to love this phablet

Samsung will easily make you forget about the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 with the new Note 8 that is bigger, better and fireproof!

What You Need To Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, and Why You’ll Want It

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung will make everyone forget about their very bad year and that pesky Note 7.

The Hottest New Samsung Tech You Must Have for 2017

amsung may have had an unfortunate year in 2016, but the company is charging forward with some of the best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches you’ll want to check out.

Samsung’s Version of Continuum and Other Dex Treats

Samsung is in for a comeback after the debacle of the you-know-what. What’s intriguing is that they decided to follow Microsoft’s path of turning their mobile phones into portable CPUs. Samsung DeX, short for Desktop Experience

Samsung’s Explosive Mistakes: Can we trust the Galaxy S8?

Samsung isn’t limited to making shiny smartphones and tablets. The massive South Korean company is into most electronics and appliances like giant smart TVs and washing machines.

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