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Rep Rick Brattin Tried Sticking It In Athletes But Pulled Out & RHOA Kenya Moore Bored With Kim Fields

Kim Fields knew she was a little vanilla for the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" so she should be surprised that Kenya Moore is already finding her boring, Rep. Rick Brattin tried sticking it to University of Missouri athletes but learned a quick lesson about pulling out safely.

When Truth & Justice Becomes Big Business

Nowadays, the truth often hurts and justice can be costly. It hurts that the very persons who are sworn to serve and protect the people are the ones who cause harm. When justice is denied, it hurts so much that frustrated people take to the streets to demand truth and justice, but end up causing more harm and damage thus becoming costly.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: NeNe Leakes Speaks, Freddie Gray Homicide & Bristol Palin Blames Riots

It’s Friday and the rumor mill is cranking out with Wendy Williams claiming Ciara and Russell Williams are just playing show and tell with the media. NeNe Leakes once again shows her rear in making Real Housewives of Atlanta claims while Freddie Gray's death is ruled a homicide

Police Cameras Now In 16 Major Cities

With the seeming increase of police violence this past year, Taser recently announced that its police cameras have been sold to and are being used in 16 major cities. It will be interesting to see if this helps bring down all of the unnecessary shootings and deaths that have been quite the scourge of police officers all over the country.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Obama’s Luther, Jay Z Tidal Crash & Freddie Gray

Oh, the beginning of a new week and the drama continues. President Obama got a great laugh with his translator Luther, Dave Chappelle is back to self-sabotage, Jay Z surfing his Tidal waves and Baltimore now the latest city to have a black man die in police custody and no answers in site.

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