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Billboard Feels Blowback From North West Meme & Boy George Karmaes With Prince?

Billboard feels the wrath of Black Twitter over it's North West meme, Boy George claims he got showered with Prince's 'Purple Rain', Raven Symoné is learning just how many people don't like her and Ice Cube gets a defamation lawsuit with Dr. Dre over "Straigh Outta Compton" movie.

Lamar Odom Update & Westboro Baptist Church Goes After Kim Davis

Lamar Odom moves back to Los Angeles with Khloe Kardashian, the Love Ranch profits on Odom's weekend binge, Dr Dre sued, a Detroit pastor shoots a man during his service and irony alert; Kim Davis is being protested by the Westboro Baptist Church.

No Glory, Gene Simmons Child Porn Raid & Dr Dre Sorry for the Hits

Glory Johnson gets no support from Brittany Grier, Tamar Braxton feels the IRS heat, Gene Simmons' house gets raided and Dr. Dre apologizes many years too late.

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Review: Flawed Greatness

There was a lot of anticipation about "Straight Outta Compton," a biopic that tells the story of how West Coast rap emerged as a force that changed the hip hop world thanks to the group N.W.A.

F. Gary Grey’s STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Trailer Packs Its Punch

Every N.W.A. fans has wondered when their story would ever be told as they were truly a part of making history while also punching through cultures with their music. F. Gary Grey, who knows the subject well

Is It Karmic Catchup With Suge Knight’s Hit and Run?

So where do we start with Mr. Suge Knight? This dude is something else. I mean what grown ass man who is about to turn 50 years old and has four kids still acts the way that he does? He is caught up in another “scandal”

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