Lamar Odom Update & Westboro Baptist Church Goes After Kim Davis

westboro baptist church goes after kim davis 2015 gossip

Lamar Odom moves back to Los Angeles with Khloe Kardashian, the Love Ranch profits on Odom’s weekend binge, Dr. Dre sued, a Detroit pastor shoots a man during his service and irony alert; Kim Davis is being protested by the Westboro Baptist Church.

lamar odom moved to la hospital 2015 gossipLamar Odom Moved To Los Angeles Hospital

Lamar Odom is reportedly moving to a Los Angeles hospital to get more specialized care, according to TMZ. We’re hearing that he is having difficulty with speaking, which wouldn’t be surprising after having several strokes and everything that his body was put through.

lamar odom sleeping at love ranch 2015 gossip lamar odom love ranch lamar odom asleep love ranch with sex toys 2015 gossip lamar odom love ranch bed 2015 gossip

Khloe Kardashian flew back with him via helicopter, and we’re still hearing that some form of brain damage is affecting the former basketball star. Her relationship with James Harden was already on rocky ground after her continuing to talk to Lamar. Now, with her giving her all to Odom’s recovery, Harden is ready to find a woman who will “give all her focus to him,” sources close to him have said.

The Daily Mail posted pictures taken of Lamar not long before he was found unconscious at the Love Ranch, and what’s most disturbing, is that these were taken of him while sleeping and obviously sold to the highest bidder. Read further down to see how sleazy they’ve gotten with this tragedy, but here’s the photos.

love ranch dennis hof boasts profits 2015 gossipLove Ranch, Dennis Hof Owner Boasts Big Business After Lamar Odom Tragedy

You knew it would happen, and Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof is ecstatic that Lamar Odom being found unconscious at his Nevada brothel has gotten many people curious. He claims that business has tripled there, and for people wanting to book the room that Lamar nearly died in; well, there’s a month long wait.

If you do visit the ranch and have $500 burning a hole in your pocket, Hof can get you in to see the room, providing, it’s available. As sleazy as this all sounds, I’m sure he’ll get you in no matter what for that money.

dr dre sued by housekeeper 2015 gossipDr. Dre’s Housekeeper Sues Due to Hostile Environment & Wrongful Termination

Would $2000 a week be enough for you to work under less than favorable conditions? Well, it wasn’t for Raquel Sagustume, Dr. Dre’s former housekeeper who claims she was bullied and unfairly terminated by Dre after working for him a little over a year.

According to the New York Daily News, Sagustume claims that two other female workers, who are cousins, left her to do their work because they felt threatened by her work skills and that extra work caused physical strain and injury. She goes on further to say that she experienced so much anxiety that she ended up in the hospital her toxic work environment caused her to have trouble breathing.

Raquel says she never got paid for her overtime and other benefits that jobs offer and say that  Dre nor his wife did anything about the bullying thus they are the cause of it.

Should this really come as a surprise, though? A man like Dre who hates women as much as we all know he does can’t really care about his hired help. There is more to the story I am sure, but it’s still not a good look for the billionaire rapper.

 detroit pastor shoots man 2015 gossipDetroit Pastor Shoots Man During Service

Is there no place safe anymore. I mean, we are now immune to the sting of public shootings but when a pastor is the one pulling the trigger during a church service, it is truly shocking.

It happened in Detroit over the weekend. A pastor fatally shot Deante Smith, who, reportedly, had been coming for him for a long time. He and the alleged attacker had a history. Smith had ranted on his Facebook account that the pastor had gotten his wife pregnant.

Police told the Detroit News:

“He had been threatening him to do bodily harm. He walked into the service and went after the pastor with a brick. The pastor pulled out his Glock and fired several shots. I think he hit him four or five times, and the man died.”

If the story is true, and the man did attack and come for him, the question that remains is, was the pastor justified in shooting him in front of his congregations? Especially since reports claim he pulled the trigger numerous times.

It’s hard out here… for a pastor.

westboro baptist church goes after kim davis 2015 gossipWestboro Baptist Church Protests Kim Davis

So how is this for irony; The woman that has come to be the poster child of the conservative anti-gay marriage agenda has just been boycotted – by Westboro Baptist Church.

You know them. The group that goes around holier than thou boycotting and protesting everything from birthday parties to American soldiers’ funerals. They do so unapologetically and are no respecter of persons. I guess that’s why Kim Davis and her long history of shadiness was ripe for the picking, and picked they did.

They made their way to Morehead, KY and stood outside her job with signs that pointed to Davis’ hypocrisy and past adulterous behavior as the reason for their being there.  Four members of the Kansas church picketed on a street corner right by the Rowan County Courthouse where Davis works.

“This woman wants to say that her sin isn’t as grievous as the same-sex marriage sin… “It’s all sin. It’s all awful. But her sin enabled that sin. When you look up, and all the Christians have given over the moral high ground, what voice do they have left?”

To take things deeper, the Westboro members claim that the fact Davis has been married several times, even though she is now on her third or fourth marriage legally, she is still committing adultery because her only true marriage is the first one. Which is an interesting notion because Apostolic Christians are very big on divorce. They only give a couple of reasons why it’s “okay” for a WOMAN to leave her husband and you’d be surprised the things they say a couple should work through.

The interesting thing about Westboro’s protest of Davis is they feel that she is obligated by the law to issues marriage license because according to one of the members present at the protest, “God hates oath breakers just like he hates adultery, and he hates same-sex marriage,” and Davis should protest gay-marriage on her own time.

There’s seems to be a lot of confusion in their thinking, but one thing is for sure, they nailed Kim Davis’ hypocrisy and double standard right on the head.