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Quibi unable to find last-minute buyer shuts down

Jeffrey Katzenberg's Quibi is shutting down after failing to find a buyer. His nearly $2 billion hunch failed to pay off after only 6 months.

Robocall fight hits all 50 states plus Facebook blocks data gathering

The FCC is stepping up fighting those annoying spam robocalls while Facebook is blocking data gathering software.

WhatsApp hack, Hulu goes Disney while Walmart fights Amazon delivery

WhatsApp was hit with a very sophisticated hack that was deployed with just a phone call. Disney took over Hulu while Walmart fights Amazon with one-day free delivery.

Comcast loses but gains plus Amazon goes one-day delivery for Prime

Comcast continues bleeding customers but online subscribers more than make up for that and Amazon goes one day delivery for Prime members now.

Net Neutrality passes house while live online tv prices jump

Democrats passed the controversial net neutrality bill in Congress on Wednesday, but Mitch McConnell said it would be dead on arrival in the Senate.

Facebook screws up privacy again while Comcast offers a deal to refuse

Facebook once again has messed up users privacy after it was revealed that millions of passwords were readable by employees and Comcast offers a terrible deal to gain subscribers.

Why net neutrality became so controversial

Net neutrality has been around for about a decade, but many have forgotten why it's become such a controversial topic amongst tech geeks and politicians. @realDonaldTrump now wants to stop California from restoring a cable ban.

Switch drives Nintendo profits while Comcast bundles up for survival

Nintendo met its high expectations for the meghit Switch console and Comcast Xfinity is changing up its cable model with bundles including Netflix.

Why Comcast Xfinity continues raising cable prices and what you can do

As Comcast Xfinity is back to treating customers to horrible customer service again, the cable internet giant will be raising prices in 2018. While they gobble up all that Donald Trump tax rebate money, expect to continue getting gouged, but here's what you can do to combat it.

Understanding ‘net neutrality’ and how it affects you if it ends by Ajit Pai

Yes, you will be affected if net neutrality is rolled back, but here are 5 ways you can have your voice heard to stop this.

Comcast sees customers leaving from cord cutting and bad customer service

A return to horrible customer service is also affecting Comcast as people realize there are much better options out there.

Comcast Xfinity makes broadband data caps a reality

Comcast’s New data cap is here to help you by helping itself to more of your money claiming 'fairness,' but watch out for them making you think your usage is higher than it actually is.

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