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Tag: Climate Change

Recent cold spell hasn’t frozen out climate change

While America has been in the grips of a cold freeze, this doesn't mean that climate change has been fixed like President Donald Trumps has alluded.

Fake News: Ice Caps, Muslim Holiday and Donald Trump’s Clemson burgers

Disappearing ice caps, Muslim holidays, Barack Obama medals and Donald Trump's Clemson fast food feast were the top fake news stories of the week. Here's the real facts behind these stories.

Hottest Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas Guide

Holiday shopping can be hard enough, but if you have a serious eco-friendly friend, that can make it a bit tougher. Here's a great gift guide full of ideas for that environmentally conscious friend.

Donald Trump gets facts wrong on Russia, Michael Cohen and China

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in on the president, Donald Trump is spinning out plenty of inaccurate Tweets and facts about Russia, Michael Cohen and his recent deal with China. We'll set the record straight with facts.

Donald Trump chooses his wisdom over National Climate Assessment

Donald Trump decided that he knows better than the experts and has rejected the findings of the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

Donald Trump continues his ‘facts’ during holiday break

@realDonaldTrump may be quiet on Twitter this Thanksgiving weekend, but he's not stopping putting out his version of facts to the press on everything from climate change, immigration to Justice Roberts.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s ‘instinct for science’ climate change argument

Donald Trump feels he has the answer for everything, and on Tuesday he claimed that because of his Uncle Joe being a scientist, he has a natural instinct for science. We fact check some of his claims on the environment.

Donald Trump’s auto safety and steel mill opening claims not so factual

While Donald Trump is using no studies to base his roll back on fuel efficient cars, studies show that his claims are rather wrong. The president's recent claims of seven U.S. Steel plants opening up in America were also completely false.

Environmental change will move on with or without Donald Trump

Cities and states realize they don't need President Donald Trump to move ahead with climate change programs to help environment.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement job claims

Donald Trump continues claims that leaving the Paris climate agreement will result in more jobs for Americans, the facts just don't add up in his favor.

Future uncertain for solar and wind power with Donald Trump

While there's been no official word on what President Donald Trump's administration will be doing with their energy plan, having the White House scrub its website of all Obama climate change information is rather telling.

Will U.S. military switch from green energy to fossil fuels for Donald Trump?

With Donald Trump clearly letting it be known about his views on climate change, many are wondering if the U.S. military will be scrapping their green energy innovations and going back to fossil fuels.

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