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Democratic Debates: How candidates fared on facts plus 7 qualified for next round

Fact checking both nights of the Democratic debates versus Donald Trumps version plus who qualified for Round 3 of the September 2019 debates.

Donald Trump black jobs fact check plus 2020 Democrat check

Donald Trump claimed he brought big job gains back for black Americans but the facts dont support his claims.

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un North Korea fact check

While in North Korea, Donald Trump said some inaccurate things on North Korea, Kim Jung On, Barack Obama and the economy. Here are the real facts behind his.

Joe Biden fights for LGBTQ rights as Warren, Sanders, and Harris begin attacks on his record

Joe Biden has announced that fighting for LGBTQ rights will be high on his priorities while Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris begin taking hits at the former vice president.

Fake News: Nancy Pelosi bills, Muslims demand Sharia Rights, ‘Boo’

Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters came under fake news attacks this week for not getting enough bills passed. A fake Facebook video showing Muslims rallying for Sharia rights trended also.

Fake News: Robert Mueller gouges taxpayers, Elizabeth Warren stiffs interns

Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump top our fakes news report for the week.

Donald Trump’s US job and economic growth facts not so accurate

President Donald Trump has been touting some major claims about the U.S. economic growth and new jobs, but his facts just don't add up. Here's what you need to know.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Celebrities of 2016

This year has given us a lot by way of, well, a lot. A historical election, and controversial situations abound. But that’s the great thing about life. There is always something from which we can glean some inspiration.

Hillary Clinton makes history but Bernie Sanders not ready to go yet

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made history as she became the first woman in America to be a major party’s presidential nominee, after a string of victories on the final Super Tuesday of the Democratic primary season.

Bernie Sanders has better chance to trump Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has proven to be a true thorn in Hillary Clinton's side and many have wondered why he won't give up the race. There's actually some good reasons why Vermont Sen. Sanders is holding on tighter than a Kardashian to a killer publicity opportunity

Donald Trump knocks Ted Cruz out of race sending Republicans scrambling

It's doubtful that anyone was surprised, except maybe a deluded Ted Cruz, but Donald Trump has pretty much locked up the Republican presidential nomination with his Indiana primary win on Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders remains 2016 top campaign fundraiser

While Hillary Clinton may be the obvious Democratic nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election vs Donald Trump, but Bernie Sander's continues to be a dominating force when it comes to campaign fundraising.

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