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Ariel Winters Lashes Out At Shamers & Blake Shelton Says ‘Not Pregnant’

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is lashing out at the Internet in the wake of comments made regarding pictures she recently posted in which she is with her two nieces.

Halle Berry Trifecta Divorce & Time’s Influential Teens Unleashed

Uh oh…yet another divorce in Hollywood. Earlier today, actress Halle Berry announced that she would be splitting from her husband, Olivier Martinez. While the announcement doesn’t explain the reason behind their decision to part ways, it does state:

Kendall Jenner Talks Caitlyn & Ariel Winter Talks College

On Monday at Macy’s Estee Lauder Fragrance launch, Kendall Jenner opened up about her father’s transition. While the 19-year-old model has been notably more private about the whole ordeal than the rest of her sisters

Lamar Odom Hunts Down Khloe Kardashian & Ariel Winter Downsized

Lamar Odom confronted ex-wife Khloe Kardashian around 7 am Wednesday morning as she was entering SoulCycle in Beverly Hills. The reality star was shocked by Lamar’s appearance and apparently began yelling at him immediately as she realized he was approaching her.

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