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Tags Alexander Bradley

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Prosecutors Claim Aaron Hernandez’s Life Threatened

Each facet of Aaron Hernadez's trials keep getting interesting, and this upcoming one in December looks to be like it could be difficult for a jury as the prosecutors are saying that Alexander Bradley threatened to kill him in the months after he allegedly shot Bradley in the face

Aaron Hernandez Unable To Silence Witness Now As Indictement Drops

Aaron Hernandez's saga continues as he's once again having to prepare to get back in court after now being charged for trying to silence former right hand guy and witness, Alexander Bradley in the face and leaving him for dead, prosecutors said Monday.

Aaron Hernandez Part 2: Indicted For Shooting Alexander Bradley In Face

The story of Aaron Hernandez certainly wasn't going to end after that first trial which found him guilty of murder giving him a life imprisonment sentence with no parole, now the former New England Patriots football star is facing an indictment for shooing his former right-hand guy, Alexander Bradley, in the face

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