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Court kills net neutrality but states can still save it

Net neutrality is dead in the eyes of the FCC and Ajit Pai, but states will be allowed to set their own standard now.

Understanding the net neutrality protests and why it’s worth the fight

The FCC is looking to repeal net neutrality on Thursday, and here's a better understanding of what all the protests trying to keep the Obama era internet rule in place is all about.

Net neutrality fight heats up as FCC strike down vote looms

The fight over net neutrality heats up once again as the FCC is planning to strike down Barack Obama initiative on Thursday.

Separating fact from fiction with net neutrality

FCC Ajit Pai wants to end net neutrality and is throwing out some claims that aren't quite accurate so we separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to what the end could mean for you.

Understanding how net neutrality affects you

Most people would assume that the Federal Communications Commission would be fighting for their rights, but when it comes to net neutrality, the FCC is fighting for big telecom instead.

Net neutrality back under fire from Donald Trump administration

Not long after Donald Trump signed the internet privacy repeal, the administration is looking to do the same for net neutrality. No more keeping things open and fair on the internet

Net Neutrality: Donald Trump eyes Ajit Pai for FCC

It appears that President Donald Trump is continuing his way of picking people for cabinet positions who are opposed to things within that position. The latest is Ajit Pai, who has been a very fierce opponent of net neutrality

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