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Tags Affordable Care Act

Tag: Affordable Care Act

Donald Trump’s ‘Medicare For All’ facts way off again

Donald Trump is again making healthcare promises to Americans that are far from accurate. Even after the Kanye West Oval Office distraction, here are the real facts about Trump's Medicare for All solution.

Donald Trump’s Obamacare ‘tweaks’ could land 1,500 counties free insurance

While Donald Trump continues trying to damage the Affordable Care Act, over 1,500 counties could wind up getting free insurance due to his actions.

Donald Trump’s Obamacare attack protected in 12 states

While Donald Trump works hard to undermine Obamacare, 12 states have their own exchanges to make things much easier for customers.

Why Voting Truly Matters In 2016: For the Record

This is what I don’t get about people, especially Republicans and conservatives. For a group of individuals who tout their faith as a cornerstone of their belief system, they are the most callous, uncompassionate people on this earth.

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