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Steve Bannon’s White House exit still won’t save Donald Trump

What a whirlwind seven months it has been since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. I can’t recall a time in my adult life where I felt as much anxiety, uncertainty and downright dread as I have these past ten months. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more dire, one of the biggest bombshells has shaken Washington – Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, has left the White House and America is officially in chaos.

Many say that Bannon was the driving force behind Trump’s nationalist agenda. They say that he was the master and Trump, the lowly puppet put in place to run things because of his money, status, and surprisingly effective candor. Bannon, per Trump critics, was the man with the plan. But his ousting, which came as the result of constant infighting amongst Bannon and Trump’s advisors (and other reasons, I’m sure), has been a long time coming.

The former head of Breitbart is said to be heading back to his post as the ringleader of the right-wing news outlet and while his physical presence in the White House will no longer rot the halls of the nation’s capital, the effects of his time by Trump’s side are irreversible. The damage he has caused with his white supremacist’s ideals and white nationalist way of life has infiltrated and corrupted the highest position in the land and served as fuel for Trump’s twisted thinking. According to the former advisor, Trump’s presidency is a lost cause on the white supremacy front. Bannon told The Weekly Standard,

“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over… We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency… It’ll be something else… that presidency is over.”

What does this mean for America? Well, I will tell you what it means for Trump. He has yet another enemy to watch out for because although Bannon went relevantly quietly, men like him don’t take defeat well. Trump had him around for a reason, and now that they are seemingly on the outs, I have the very real feeling that all hell is really about to break loose not just for #45 but also for the entire country. There are people you want in your corner because you can keep a better eye on them and Bannon is definitely that person. What he has in store for the current administration may be worse than anything a foreign foe could bring. According to Axios, who cited a source close to Breitbart’s operations,

“They [Breitbart] would go ‘thermonuclear’ against ‘globalists’ that Bannon and his friends believe are ruining the Trump administration, and by extension, America.”

Whether or not this is true, the fact remains that Bannon is a man scorned. When you add the hate he has for marginalized groups to the revenge most fired individuals want to enact on their former employer, we have no idea what’s in-store for America. And the sad part is Trump may not be around to take the heat for what becomes of these United States.

Earlier this year, I predicted that Donnie Jonnie was not going to make it to December. With all the craziness surrounding his administration and the fact that he is an unwarranted narcissist, I have said from the beginning that he is not going to make it to full term. He’d rather resign and leave the global mess he created to the poor soul coming in after him than go down with the sinking ship. According to the ‘Art of the Deal’s’ ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, I am right. The man who helped write Trump’s 1987 memoir predicts that by fall, which is right around the corner, Trump will be out. He tweeted, “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller, and Congress leave him no choice.”

steve bannon with donald trump

I am in total agreement with this notion because I know men like Trump. They create situations based on their self-centered, self-serving agendas and when the shit hits the fan and their true intentions are revealed; they put the blame on others. They never take responsibility for their actions and in some strange, delusional way they declare themselves both the victim and the victor.

How unfortunate it is that the presidency is just a game to men who get involved in things of serious natures for sport. What will become of the nation that once ruled the world with an iron fist? The nation whose dwindling former majority voted in a man with no experience in politics because they were mad?

The White House is imploding. Bannon’s exit is only the beginning of the end of a presidency that was doomed to fail. A presidency that was created out of hate and the need for white people to preserve their racist, bigoted and sorry way of life.

Shanka Cheryl
Shanka Cherylhttps://movietvtechgeeks.com/
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