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Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.

Donald Trump’s alternate world of truth fact check

Donald Trump has spent his year in the White House proving that you can live in an alternate world of facts but here's the truth behind his reality.

Zac Efron talks substance abuse and Selena Gomez mother treatment

Celebrity gossip roundup: Zac Efron on substance abuse, Meryl Streep SheKnows campaign hits, Meghan Markle does Queen's lunch and a Gaga Las Vegas.

Doug Jones topples Roy Moore: 5 results from his Alabama senate win

Top 5 takeaways from Alabama making political history as Democrat Doug Jones beat Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's choice for Senate Roy Moore.

Steve Bannon’s White House exit still won’t save Donald Trump

Just because Steve Bannon has left Donald Trump's side at the White House doesn't mean things will suddenly improve. Actually, expect even more chaos to ensue.

White House unable to get FBI to make Russia problem go away

No matter how many distractions President Donald Trump's White House throws at the media and Americans, all roads keep leading back to Russia in one form or another.

What you need to know about Donald Trump pick Michael Flynn

President-elect Donald Trump was able to easily deflect attention from strategic adviser pick Steve Bannon when he made his choice for national security adviser with Michael Flynn.

Donald Trump nearly has his cabinet full

President-elect Donald Trump has done his share of hiring before, but he's never had to fill so many positions that were the most important to both America and his chances at being re-elected in 2020.

Donald Trump close to chief of staff pick

With a chief of staff short list that includes Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, campaign CEO Steve Bannon and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, you can see which direction Donald Trump is going with his presidency.

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