Ryan Seacrest not feeling Katy Perry’s AI paycheck and Orlando Bloom

Ryan Seacrest not happy with Katy Perry $25 million with American Idol, Orlando Bloom killer workout, Bella Hadid and Leonardo Dicaprio time.

ryan seacrest not feeling katy perry american idol paycheck

Well, these two would certainly make an interesting couple if anything actually develops from the brief flirting session they had this week while in Cannes…

On Thursday, both supermodel Bella Hadid and Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio attended the AmfAR charity gala, which took place during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. According to fellow event-goers, the two stars were spotted talking and flirting with each other for a notable period of time during the evening. While there is a significant age difference between Leonardo and Bella (22 years to be exact), Leonardo has shown time and time again that this doesn’t bother him. In fact, the Wolf of Wall Street star has been in numerous relationships with models in the past, many of which were within the same age range as Bella.

leonardo dicaprio does bella hadid time at cannes

While it is likely that Bella and Leonardo’s flirting won’t amount to anything further, the two celebrities are both single right now. Bella has been single for the past few months after she ended things with her longtime boyfriend The Weeknd (who is now dating singer Selena Gomez). On the other hand, Leonardo is newly single, as he just recently broke up with his ex-beau Nina Agdal after about one year of dating.

In addition to flirting with Leo, Bella has been keeping busy while in Cannes. In fact, just a few days before the AmfAR charity gala, the model was featured in Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show. The 20-year-old posted a photo of herself on the runway, with a caption that read, “Thank you to our iconic and incredible [Naomi Campbell] for having me walk in your beautiful [Fashion For Relief] show…”

bella hadid cannes runway show for naomi campbell

Bella Hadid, Instagram post above.

ryan seacrest not feeling katy perry american idol paycheck

Ryan Seacrest isn’t happy with how much money he’s being offered to host the new “American Idol” on ABC — and it is Katy Perry’s fault.

Seacrest, who hosted the show on Fox for 15 seasons, was set to emcee the reboot until Perry — said to be getting $25 million as an “Idol” judge — bragged last week on 103.5 KTU: “I’m really proud that, as a woman, I got paid. And you know why? I got paid, like, more than like pretty much any guy that’s been on that show.”

Sources say ABC initially offered Seacrest over $10 million.

“[He] was suddenly asking himself why he would come back for a 16th season at a salary [much smaller than that] of the newcomer judge,” Richard Rushfield, author of “American Idol: The Untold Story,” wrote in his e-mail newsletter, the Ankler.

Since Seacrest is already employed in New York at “Live With Kelly & Ryan,” and “Idol” would require weekly cross-country trips to LA, he “has grown notably cooler on the prospect,” Rushfield reported.

An ABC spokesman told me: “We don’t comment on negotiations or salary.”

“Ryan isn’t pleased with the protracted negotiations,” a source familiar with the talks said. “But he is hopeful that a deal can be reached given his affection for the show.”

A network insider said, “Perry is not getting $25 million.”

orlando blooms killer workout

There’s no denying Orlando Bloom is one of the world’s most gorgeous actors and undoubtably has the body to go with it.

But, unlike his killer good looks, his amazing body wasn’t something he was born with.

And, when it comes to maintaining his physique, the actor has revealed he has resorted to some pretty extreme tactics.

Bloom recently headed to “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and revealed some of the ridiculous workouts he does, specifically one that makes him pass out on the odd occasion.

When Corden pushed the actor to reveal his workout secrets, Bloom said he works out with one of the world’s most famous big wave surfers Laird Hamilton.

“He does this pool training at his house… where we do weights underwater,” he revealed.

“So, you take some 50 pound (22kg) dumbbells and you hold breath and sort of walk underwater and do weights,” he said, to the shock of James Corden.

“That’s what they used to do to find out if people were witches,” the late night host said in horror.

“Of course you can come up and take a breath but the whole thing is when you deoxygenate your blood, when you hold your breath like that and you stress your body out, it’s a much more intense workout,” Bloom added.

“Absolutely,” Zac Efron chimed in, encapsulated in what Bloom was saying.

“It can be really good for you but I sort of push it and I don’t really have a gatekeeper so my thing is I’ll do that on an exhaled breath and then come up,” he said before imitating himself floating to the surface, passed out and seizing because of overexertion.

“Because you have this thing where you pass out, and I’ve done it twice, and they’re like ‘bro, you’ve gotta stop doing that, and they need to watch me every time I did it,” he admitted as Corden shook his head in disbelief.

“Once wasn’t enough. I had to [pass out] twice to realize I should never do that again,” Bloom added.

shia labeouf yelling at bartenderYet again, actor Shia LaBeouf has run into some legal troubles.

In early April, the eccentric star was reportedly kicked out of Pinz, which is a bowling alley in the Studio City section of Los Angeles. According to numerous media outlets, this was prompted by a heated argument, in which Shia confronted the bartender working inside the venue.

A short video that was recorded by a witness showed Shia yelling at the bartender, David Bernstein, for refusing to serve him French fries. In the video Shia is heard exclaiming, “I’m asking you about French fries and you want to hit me in the head with a Grey Goose bottle. You f***ing racist b****! You f***ed up.”  Shortly after this encounter, Shia was escorted out of the building.

Now, just a few weeks after the incident, the bartender has filed a lawsuit, accusing Shia of both defamation and assault. David, the plaintiff in this case, is looking for a $5 million payout (for damages) from the former Disney actor.

In the newly filed suit, David claims that, despite what it looks like from the released video of the incident, the French fries were not the main issue. David claims that Shia was excessively intoxicated and the venue had the right to escort him out of the building. David also went on to write in his initial court filing that Shia got explosive when he refused to sell him any more alcohol (based on his already obliterated state).

At this point, Shia has not responded to the suit, nor has his representatives released any public statements regarding the messy situation.