Ruh-roh! Real ‘Supernatural’ ghosts for Scooby Gang and Winchesters

Jinkies! The Scooby Gang Meets the Winchesters

supernatural scooby doo crossover

I’ve watched Scooby Doo since I was a young kid. These past couple of generations, who hasn’t? While the popular Hanna-Barbera animated series lives on in re-runs, they also do animated specials which are quite good and are actually enjoyable to watch whenever I catch them on cable. As an adult, you’ll get a hint of some sexuality when they depict Daphne and Velma in these specials, and the web is rife with sexy pics of Velma Dinkley as nerds have become hot lately. The hottest of nerds is probably Supernatural’s Sam Winchester. Now, what would happen if both worlds collide?

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Both worlds will soon collide in an upcoming meta episode in Season 13. Scooby Doo will get to meet Sam and Dean Winchester. Wonder if Scooby gets to tell Dean the true purpose of dogs that we didn’t get to hear in Dog Dean Afternoon? The best thing about Supernatural is that they’re not afraid to experiment with meta episodes, breaking the fourth wall and trolling themselves. Season 6’s The French Mistake is the best and popular example. The announcement was made at the recent CW Upfront presentation by Sam and Dean themselves. With Dean’s penchant for women, Fred will probably have his hands full keeping him away from Daphne. The same probably goes for Shaggy with Velma and Sam. And though Scooby Doo has delved into live action, the episode will apparently be animated. Would this be the work of the Nephilim making another tear in reality? Speaking of animated, still hoping for a follow-up to the Mad House Supernatural anime.

supernatural scooby doo crossover

Lament for Crowley and the Return of Castiel

Many fans are now mourning the loss of Crowley, Rowena and Castiel. In our past recap of the Season 12 finale, I’ve lamented the downplayed loss of Rowena wishing that Ruth Connell was given some screen time wherein Lucifer shows up at her doorstep to make her demise anti-climactic. But at least we get to see Crowley make a dramatic exit, to which in the past article, I might have downplayed myself. One fan (on Twitter, or was it in Yahoo?) said that despite Crowley’s façade of bravado and indifference he was actually more helpful to the brothers in situations than Castiel was. I would agree though back then, Crowley has his reasons, mostly selfish before he was more humanized in Season 8. Past that, Crowley was more in search of a friend or family. In a way, Crowley trusted the Winchesters to save the world despite all his powers as King of Hell. He said so in Stuck in the Middle and said it again in All Along the Watchtower. Finally, Sam and Dean even recognized him as a friend and ally despite his betrayal with Lucifer. Hearing him say ‘goodbye boys’ to Sam and Dean was hard to watch when he held the angel blade while keeping Lucifer at bay. It’s a shame really that the character has to go along with his mother as the series would have to move on. We have to commend the folks on the CW to have the guts to kill off important characters.

However, many fans would probably hate me for this; I found some relief that Crowley and Castiel were seemingly taken out of the picture in that finale thus downplaying the roles of heaven and hell in the series to bring it closer to the older monster-of-the-week format many fans are also clamoring for. But it may not be the case for Castiel. We did speculate that the Nephilim might bring Castiel back as its guardian or as thanks for the angel’s help. Well, that speculation now has substance as Jared Padalecki accidentally spilled the beans of Castiel’s existence in Season 13 while talking about the Scooby Doo crossover.

“We actually already recorded it… episode 16 of next season, and we already had to do the script and go to a music studio … and we did all the dialogue, Jensen and Misha and I,”

— Jared Padalecki, Jus in Bello convention

Misha Collins confirmed it a short time later.

castiel returns

“I think I’ll be back on Supernatural in season 13… I think we will see Cas again, but the question is, what [does] this death [do] to him?… That is, I think, the one to wonder about. In Supernatural, a character’s death can mark a big transition point for them, and I think what we need to wait and see is how this transforms him… I do think you will see a version of him again. There’s also this parallel universe in which, possibly, everyone is alive in a different iteration. So, you never know.”

But according to Collins, Castiel may or may not be the same Castiel as we know him. He could be another Castiel from another reality which would surely be entirely different. Will Dean be able to accept this other Castiel in place of his old friend? Will this Castiel be sticking around the season of will he just be a one-shot character? Nothing against Misha or his character but I’m one of those fans who think that angels have run their course in the series and I’m also hoping the Nephilim doesn’t take much of season 13 as well. But we’ll take what we get if Season 13 finally closes the gates of heaven and hell for good.